Saturday, October 20, 2012

End of the story.

Assalamualaikum. Hai haii. I know, no one cares. Haha rajin betul nak update blog. Tkde benda nak buat so here! I have no one to share masalah, kesedihan. I just keep calm and fake the smile. Mana yg Ika mampu, Ika buat. Selagi boleh senyum selagi tu senyum.. Just to make sure they not be worried about me.. Ika tk nk diorg tertanya-tanya Ika kenapa so I just keep smiling even tho it's not for real. haha. I'm just... entahlah, over stress maybe? I just lose someone I love.. Someone I care.. I know it's my fault. Malas nak ungkit balik tapi everytime online facebook, nampak kemesraan diorg kt newsfeed. hahaha :')))))) Ya Allah, jealous annn? Hahaha dulu ego, cakap tkde but now? Yes I doooooo :) Dah ah, Ika malas nak menaruh harapan dekat org yg tk pernah bg peluang untuk Ika putarkan balik masa. They happy with their life so why I'm being so mad and look awful right here? Ika tk nk jd bodoh, yg senang dipermainkan. I have feelings and I have my own right to decide in my life.. Ika ade hak untuk pertahankan kebahagiaan Ika. As long as I could fight for it, I would. Don't worry about me, just keep worry about you, k? :) Go happy with your life. I won't bother you anymore. :)

Ika nak berubah jadi lebih matang. Lepas ni Ika tk nk cakap lagi psl benda ni kt blog. Ika tk nk cerita kisah dia kt sini lagi. Tutup dahh tkde lagii :) I know you guys being so wondering who she is. Tkpelah. She used to be my bestfriend but I guess, not anymore.... Well, this is what I choose for. Stop give me a high hopes... Please okay? :) Itu je.. Lepas ni dah no more about her, them and everyone.. I just want to tell how amazing my life is.. I want to fly free, tk salah kan? Apa salahnya kita jadi selfish sikit untuk masa depan? Untuk kebahagiaan kita, nanti? :) Yahhh tk salah kan? For me tk salah sikit pun. I gave you the last chances.. You promise me to change everything, to fix every broken things in our friendship. :') Since you found my replacement, I guess it's doesn't working... I just begging you, please... Give me a chances to live happily without any sadness story.. InsyaAllah you will be more happier without me ;')
Thanks for reading. xoxo

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