Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time flies too fast.

Heyyooo there. Firstly, I wanna say, assalamualaikum February! Hopefully, on this month, the second month of 2012, the second chapter of 2012's book, will bring some shiny day for the rest of our lives. ^ _ ^ insyaAllah. Hihi. Anyway, first day school on this February... Um, not bad. As usual.. :) Nothing special today. Just banyak benda baru yang nak kena belajar. Well yeah, sejak masuk form 3 ni, aku rasa mcm.. pendek .___. rasa mcm.. rendahnya aku ni... Lol. Seriously. Senior semua tinggitinggi, besarbesar. Aku je yang rasa mcm ketot, hahaha :p rasa mcm aku ni semut je. Kecik comel lotteyy :p hahaha ok... tadi Azwa puji aku comel. Hahah entah ape dia nak aku tk tahu ler. And I deny it.. sbb aku buka spek, and saje gedikgedik buat muka comel :p hahaha. There's nothing special on me. If I had a beauty on externally, you may not guessing how about my internally beauty? My heart? My soul? My behavior? So yea, you should get closer to me and know me better :) Then you will know who I am, really. Yaa? Hihi. By the way, I'm not looking for beauty in my life, what I have to catch for future, my good life. And... a happiness with someone I love.. I mean, with the people I love. Like a.. my family, friends. Perjalanan masih jauh.. sabar ye :) Hihik. So while we catching a good life, tolak ketepi kisah cintaaaaa :) hahaha. Lagipun for this time, it is not a true love. It is just a puppy love in this teenager life. So it is impossible to be a true love, forever love and whatever love there. :) Crush crush itu biasalah. Hihi. Nak cari kekasih sejati... wooo itu lama lagi k? :) Okaylah. Daripada aku terserong kt tempat lain, better I stop writing. If ade masa terluang. hahaha aku update lagi k? :) maybe aku tk update lg kot. eh entah lah. Tengok ah bulan 3 pula :p hehe. Nak update about my birthday. Weeee~ hahaha :B Okaylah. Assalamualaikum everyone. And yeahhh assalamualaikum bulan baru, bulan februari ;) Let's we close our first chapter, on January's stories. Hihi :-)
Thanks for reading. xoxo

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