Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I keep remind myself about my promises, everyday.

Hey, long time no see. I thought you.... mati. .______. hahaha ok it's really cruel! Okay here. Oh ya forgot. Assalamualaikum w.b.t everyone who are reading this entry. Okay, actually I'm here not for giving a stories about my life. I'm just want to tell something what I feel in this lately. Since I have enter in this life, in this year, so many things I have to know, I have to learn and observe. And also the things I have to understand and make it feel better. So many things I've through, I've face it with a strong heart to avoid it and to ignore it. For a long time, I be patiently stay strong and keep moving without any words to complain. I know Allah keep giving me a test to make me feel stronger than before. Allah gives me a chance to know what's life is. Yknow, Allah never let His servant down, right? Never and will never. He will always be there as long as we could get it up without forget Him behind. Okay, I know, I'm not good enough to teach you about this. But, my situation could make it as experience for me, and for all of us. What I'm gonna tell you is.. my life is full with sarcasm. With a little things that make me hurts, sad and cry sometimes. Especially my siblings. Yeah my sisters. And sometimes my dad. Grr, you know.. no one could stand with it right? Sarcasm there and here. But it is just a test for me. They behave like this to make me be a better person, right? It's for my own good sake. What I'm gonna do is.. stay strong and what people call its? Tebalkan telinga? Ahahah my mum always said so. She always give me a free advice in this life. And now she's the reason why I choose to get up when life gets me down :) Thanks mum, you're rock!! haha love you :*  Anyway, what I'm telling this, is for 'pengajaran' for us to make we be a better person. My mum always say, "You're not gonna ask them to change yourself 'cause everything is coming from yourself. So you're the one who holding the remote control in your life, you're the one who sit in the driver seat of your life, so you're the one who will make a choice for your life. Don't let anyone change you." Mum, really you're right. I have always keep her words ;) Thankssss! haha. So, I have been grounded .___. For not saying anything about my loves. GRR, it is so annoys me. Sistaaa, Cerra ask me to. She said, "you have to prove it that you can live without your puppy love", so thisss. I have to prove it for her that I'm not gonna say anything about... him. Adam. Yes I can't tell anything T___T annoys me, really. Hate it. I can't say anything in my twitter account, my mind, either. T___T hah, just for a week :B hahaha. It's really weird. Pretty weird about me and my sister's deal. She's just... making a joke around. I know. :) She never let me down. Will never, even in once. If she did, she just wants to teach me how to be a strong woman.. Live without a men. Nah, she's always doing this to me. I used to it.

This. I've made it by myself :) To keep remind me to keep my promises. Especially my promises to my mum and dad. That to make them proud all the time :') Yes, in process + trying to be = success in my mind :) InsyaAllah, mum, dad :) I've try my best for both of you ;')
Thanks for reading. xoxo

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