Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nothing is worse than being ignored..

Heyyy guys. How y'guys doin? Great? Hope so. Actually, I've no interesting story to be told but I guess I need some place and time to get alone but in the same time rasa mcm stressed out and feel like um entahlah. Susah nak describe. Deeply killing me inside. Hm. Feel so lonely and nothing else I can do. Feel lonely and need somebody doesn't mean I need a partner, no way! I still young and still have enough time to think about it. Well what I mean is, friends? Just friends? A friend, a person who I can talk to, who I can sharing my problems to. Well I guess no one could be like that, don't you? No one likes me, yah. I admit it I'm awful, terrible, suck and whateverhell it is... Stress. that's what I feel right now..

I'm waiting for a perfect moments to be a perfect things in my life. I'm not looking up for a perfect person to treat me well. I just need somebody to talk to! Yes that's what I meant..
Thanks for reading. xoxo

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